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Monthly Tuition:
Individual Rates
Adult $100
Single Junior $60
Family Rates
Two Juniors $110
Three Juniors $160
Adult + Junior $160
All other $215

Note: The first week of class is free of charge; please give us a try!

Suggestion: Observing a class or two before registering may be helpful in giving you a feeling for Aikido practice. You may observe classes at any time, and of course there is no charge.

Reminder... please arrive about 30 minutes before your first class to complete registration.
For your first month or so of classes, you may wear comfortable clothing such as sweatclothes. Please, no jewelry, perfume, cologne, or shorts on the mat. A very limited selection of gi (uniform) are available for purchase at the dojo. You may train in any class you like. Payment is due at the beginning of the month.

Tuition entitles you to train as many classes per week as you like. Take advantage and train as often as you can. Occasionally the dojo will host seminars with guest instructors that require additional fees to cover the seminar expenses. Attending these seminars is not required, but all students are encouraged to take advantage of the special instruction.

For more general information on beginning Aikido, please see the Aikido West Student Handbook.

Aikido North is a non-profit organization.