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Teaching Instructions
Dojo-Cho Essay

These are some thoughts I have as a teacher and a student

Responsibility to Students and Self

Commitment to teaching cannot be a part time effort. Nor is it something to be done only if "I feel like it." Once you start, you cannot turn your back on your students.


Teach through example and guidance, and not by command.

Teaching encompasses more than just the technical aspects of the art. It also involves spiritual and mental development. To talk about it and to show it in class is not enough. A teacher needs to live it. The teacher needs to strive for perfection. It is wrong to say that perfection is unattainable and therefore not worth striving for. It is wrong to think that since we are not perfect, we do not have to try to be, or that trying to be perfect is a lie. It is not a lie if you believe in it and you really try to live it.

To be able to teach or guide your student along the proper path to enlightenment, you have to travel that path yourself.

Relationship with My Students

Respect for your students. You cannot expect them to do something and not do it yourself. The rules apply to everyone.

Relationship with My Sensei, Frank Doran

Respect your teachers. The term "Sensei" has deep meaning; it does not just refer to a teacher, but to someone you respect. Do not give lip service to the term. It is disrespectful to the sensei and it shows a lack of sincerity of the student. It should mean a strong student-teacher relationship between student and sensei.

Calvin Koshiyama, October 9th, 2001, Aikido North