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Dojo-Cho Essay

Warm-ups will be standardized to provide students with a strong foundation of the basics. Please adhere to the following outline. (Order of warm-ups optional. Although we should start with Stretches and end with Basic)

1. Stretches (As a group)

2. Grabs: Two sets (In pairs)

3. Wrist Techniques: (In pairs)

4. Strikes: Set of ten strikes each, moving across the mat. Following count in Japanese. (As a group)

5. Shikko: Across the mat and back. (As a group)

6. Rolls: Set of 10 rolls each. Following count in Japanese (optional). (In groups)

  1. Forward Rolls from: Seiza (1 set, minimum)
    1. Kneeling (1 set, minimum)
    2. Standing (2 sets, minimum)
  2. Back Rolls from: Standing (1 set, minimum)

7. Aiki-two Step (As a group)

8. Tenkan & Irimi Blends (In pairs)

9. Basic Techniques: Practice at least 2 per class. (Tachiwaza/Suwariwaza/Hanmihandachi)

After warm-ups continue into lesson plan as appropriate.

Calvin Koshiyama, October 9th, 2001, Aikido North