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Dojo-Cho Essay

Misogi means purification of the mind, body, and spirit. Misogi can be achieved through many different ways. The most obvious is through our Aikido training. Misogi can also be obtained through meditation, caring and doing things for others, and by performing chores such as cleaning and painting the dojo.

Cleaning the Dojo

We can take a lesson from Ellen who has taken on the task of cleaning the bathrooms every Friday as one of her ways of Misogi training. Those of you who helped to paint the dojo this year were also performing Misogi. We can each take on a small task to help the dojo and for purification of ourselves. Help Ellen to clean the bathrooms or find some other way to take care of our dojo.

Helping in Juniors Classes

Adult students are welcome in the Juniors classes. You can assist the instructors or just come to train with the juniors. Give them the opportunity to work with "the big guys."

Closing the Dojo and Leaving after Class

You can help to close up the dojo at the end of class. For all of us, but particularly for the ladies, we should always make sure that no one is left to close up or enter the parking lot alone at night. Let us take care of each other.

Training & Helping during Class Time

Thank you to those who try to help their fellow aikidoka during class. I know in your hearts you really want do make it easier for them to learn. Please remember though why you are here. You are here to train for your own improvement. Please leave the instructing to the Instructor. Help your fellow aikidoka by allowing them to discover Aikido for themselves.


Practice your breathing during training. Make it a part of what you do. Breathing is so important to unify the body, mind and spirit. Mokuso (meditation) before class is a very good way to focus on your breath.

Let us continually strive for Misogi in everything we do.

Calvin Koshiyama, October 9th, 2001, Aikido North