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Thoughts on Power
Dojo-Cho Essay
A Powerful Person

What is a Powerful Person? I asked myself this question late one night, last month.
I jotted down these thoughts as they came to me in bed that night.
I thought I would share them with everyone in the dojo.



A powerful person is not just one of competent physical ability. That ability must be accompanied by;

This makes a person a powerful being. What he is as a whole, how he lives his life.

Strength of Character

To humble yourself to be able to appreciate and empathize with others,
To respect at all times in all ways to receive respect from others,
To place others before yourself to understand the responsibilities when they place themselves in your care.

Clearness of Mind

To be able to see all, not just what we think is important or want to see. Both strengths and weaknesses,
To understand what we see,
To accept what we do not understand or cannot change,
To see ourselves as clearly as we see others,
To find and adhere to the paths to better ourselves.

Fullness of Heart

To be able to clearly see and yet accept those around us,
To be able to forgive when hurt,
To be able to continue to hope,
To be able to love in spite of the faults or failings or the disappointments,
To accept ourselves for all the faults and failings and disappointments.

Calvin Koshiyama, April 11th, 1997, Aikido North